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Antihistamine and steroid nasal sprays for hay fever relief available to buy online from Dr Fox Pharmacy. Can be combined with eye drops and antihistamine tablets.

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Hay fever nasal spray Quantity Cost
Beconase Aqueous nasal spray (beclometasone dipropionate) 1 x 22gm spray, 200 doses £6.40
Beconase Aqueous nasal spray (beclometasone dipropionate) 2 x 22gm spray, each 200 doses £10.80
Beconase Aqueous nasal spray (beclometasone dipropionate) 3 x 22gm spray, each 200 doses £13.20
Dymista nasal spray (azelastine and fluticasone) 1 bottle (23gm) £22.00
Dymista nasal spray (azelastine and fluticasone) 2 bottles (23gm x 2) £39.60
Ryaltris nasal spray (olopatadine and mometasone) 1 bottle (30 mls) £17.40
Ryaltris nasal spray (olopatadine and mometasone) 2 bottles (60 mls) £29.90
Avamys nasal spray (fluticasone) 1 spray 120 doses £13.10
Avamys nasal spray (fluticasone) 2 sprays each 120 doses £19.80
Avamys nasal spray (fluticasone) 3 sprays each 120 doses £29.20
Rhinolast nasal spray (azelastine 0.1%) 1 x 22ml spray £14.40
Rhinolast nasal spray (azelastine 0.1%) 2 x 22ml spray £24.80
Rhinolast nasal spray (azelastine 0.1%) 3 x 22ml spray £36.20
Azelair nasal spray (azelastine 0.15%) 1 x 20ml £15.80
Azelair nasal spray (azelastine 0.15%) 2 x 20ml £28.20
Azelair nasal spray (azelastine 0.15%) 3 x 20ml £39.90

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About nasal sprays for hay fever

Nasal sprays are used on their own or combined with tablets and eye drops. They control sneezing and runny nose. Very little active drug is absorbed into the body.

There are three types of nasal sprays available from Dr Fox:

  • Steroid nasal spray: Avamys and Beconase, need to be used for a few days before they start to work. They are for continuous daily use through the hay fever season. NOT to be used together or at the same time as Dymista or Ryaltris nasal sprays. An antihistamine tablet can be combined with a steroid nasal spray, if the nasal spray alone is not completely effective.
  • Antihistamine nasal spray: Rhinolast and Azelair work within 15 minutes and can be used on an as needed basis, not more that twice a day. NOT to be used together or at the same time as Dymista or Ryaltris nasal sprays.
  • Combination nasal sprays containing an antihistamine and a steroid in one spray. They are more convenient and likely to be more effective than a steroid or an antihistamine spray on its own. Dymista and Ryaltris should NOT be used together or at the same time as other hay fever nasal sprays.

Using both a steroid nasal spray and an antihistamine spray, individually or combined in Dymista or Ryaltris, is usually more effective than either one alone.

How to use a nasal spray

Specific instructions on how to use nasal sprays are included in patient leaflets supplied with sprays. See also video from AsthmaUK - how to use a nasal spray.

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 1

1. Remove dust cap which protects the nozzle and keeps it clean

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 2

2. For first use or if you have not used the spray for several days, shake the bottle and press the pump until you get a fine spray.

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 3

3. Blow your nose gently before using. Close one nostril & put nozzle in the other nostril. Use left hand for right nostril, and right hand for left nostril. Tilt head forward slightly & keep bottle upright. Aim bottle at outside wall of nostril. Breathe in slowly & squirt a spray into nostril.

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 4

4. Remove the nozzle from this nostril and breathe out through your mouth.

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 5

5. Swap hands and repeat steps 3 & 4 for the other nostril. If the required dose is two sprays to each nostril, swap hands again, and repeat for first nostril, and finish by swapping hands and repeating the spray for the second nostril.

Illustration - how to use nasal spray - step 6

6. To clean the spray - take off dust cap, and also nozzle if possible, and wash in warm water.

Possible side effects from nasal sprays

Troublesome side effects are unlikely from using a nasal spray. The most common are a bitter taste in the mouth, slight nasal irritation and very occasional nose bleeds. If using a steroid nasal spray regularly there is a small risk of developing thrush within the nose. If you think you may have thrush, stop the nasal spray and consult your regular doctor.

Beconase, Avamys, Dymista, and Ryaltris contain steroids which on rare occasions could damage the eye. Any vision problems or disturbances should be checked by an optician.

More information in the patient information leaflets supplied by the manufacturers with your medication.

Alternative treatments for hay fever

Other medical treatments for hay fever include eye drops and antihistamine tablets.

If there is asthma linked to the hay fever, montelukast tablets may be prescribed. If hay fever triggers asthma which doesn't settle with your usual asthma treatment, please consult your regular doctor.

Where there are severe hay fever symptoms which are not responding to antihistamine tablets with nasal sprays and eye drops, a short course of a few days of steroid tablets can bring things back under control. Dr Fox cannot provide this. Please consult your regular doctor.

Many hay fever sufferers used to have an annual long acting steroid injection of Kenalog (triamcinolone). This is very effective at damping down the overactive immune response causing hay fever, for the duration of the hay fever season. However, it is no longer recommended by NICE or licensed as a hay fever treatment, as there are health risks from lowering your immune responses, and there can also be serious long term side effects. Some private clinics do, however, still offer this injection 'off label' after a careful assessment of personal risks.

Pollen desensitisation using allergen immunotherapy as either a vaccine or oral preparation is available from some hospital specialists. There is a potential for life threatening anaphylactic reactions during desensitisation treatments and so they are rarely used.

How to avoid exposure to pollen

  • Using vaseline around your nostrils. This can trap pollen and stop it getting into your nose.
  • Avoid grass cutting and places where pollen counts are known to be high.
  • Vacuum regularly, preferably using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
  • Keep pets out of the house during the hay fever season.
  • Stay indoors when pollen counts are high. You can check the pollen forecast or there are many helpful apps available.
  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Wraparound sunglasses can reduce pollen contact with the eyes.
  • Shower after going outside.

Further information

Hay fever nasal sprays FAQs

How do I choose which spray to use?

This is usually a matter of trying and seeing which works best for you. Give each spray at least a week before trying a different one. Using a steroid and antihistamine together can give better relief than either one on its own.

Table comparing different nasal sprays for hay fever
Product Active ingredient dose Antihistamine Steroid Sprays in each nostril per dose Times per day Speed of action
Rhinolast Azelastine 280mcg Yes No 1 2 15 minutes
Azelair Azelastine 760mcg Yes No 2 1 or 2 15 minutes
Avamys Fluticasone 110mcg No Yes 2 1 8 hours - several days
Beconase Beclometasone 200mcg No Yes 2 2 Several days
Dymista Azelastine 250mcg & fluticasone 100mcg Yes Yes 1 2 15 minutes/several days
Ryaltris Olopatadine 600mcg & mometasone 25mcg Yes Yes 2 2 30 minutes/several days

Note: 100mcg fluticasone and 200mcg of mometasone are equivalent to 200mcg beclometasone

Do nasal sprays contain preservatives?

Avamys, Beconase, Ryaltris, and Dymista contain the preservative benzalkonium chloride. Rhinolast and Azelair do not contain preservative.

See also hay fever FAQs page.

Patient Information Leaflets

Illustration of patient leaflet from medicine packet

The Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) is the leaflet included in the pack with a medicine and must be read before taking the medicine. It is written for patients and gives information about taking or using a medicine.

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Last updated 19 January 2024


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I am very happy at the process from start to finish and the product is working for me as I suffer from seasonal rhinitis. I will certainly use this service and product again!

Tue/02/2019 14:15
A. CRAMB Verified

Dymista Nasal Spray

Was prescribed Avamys nasal spray from my gp to help with my snoring at night however this ran out. Due to the Xmas period I was stuck for more and ordered the Dymista. I prefer the Dymista as I believe it has worked a little better and seems to last longer too.

Mon/01/2024 23:03
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Beconase Aqueous 22gm nasal spray

Good product at a good price. Works to reduce nasal allergy symptoms.

Wed/11/2023 20:32
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Beconase Aqueous 22gm nasal spray

Fast delivery and really helps with my sinus issues will be reordering another would recommend from Dr fox

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Beconase Aqueous 22gm nasal spray

Excellent product. Great symptom relief. Prompt delivery and good price.

Sun/09/2023 19:38
Anonymous Verified

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