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Cost of medication

The GMC state it is good medical practice to be honest and open in any financial arrangements with patients.

Until July 2010 MHRA regulation prevented online clinics displaying prices. This has now changed, and Dr Fox provides all prices on treatment pages.

Dispensing by a UK registered pharmacy included. Delivery is an additional cost: £2.90 within UK. Delivery of medication is free to patients who post an existing private paper prescription to the pharmacy.

Cost comparisons

Up to 50% lower prices than other UK online clinics

Dr Fox prices are 25%–50% less than other clinics. Savings can run into hundreds of pounds for a single prescription item.

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Dr Fox has lower costs for some medicine than the same items bought from pharmacies without a prescription. We can also provide larger quantities than available over the counter without prescription.

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Online prescription fee

Dr Fox charges a prescription fee based on the order prices per consultation as listed below. Order prices do not include the delivery fee.

Order value per consultation Online prescription fee
up to £10.00 £1.00
up to £20.00 £2.00
up to £40.00 £3.00
over £40.00 £4.00

Dr Fox treatment prices

private prescription

If you already have a private prescription

1. Register or log in.

2. Post your private paper prescription to the pharmacy. Click here for pharmacy address and telephone number (please telephone pharmacy for pricing information).

Please include your:

  • Name
  • Your Dr Fox patient number
  • Your postal address (service available only for UK delivery)
  • Your contact telephone number IMPORTANT

3. The pharmacy will contact you for payment when your prescription is received. Prices may differ from website. Free delivery.